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Armed Escort

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Target Clients:
l  Domestic and overseas banks
l  Financial organizations of various natures
l  Gold, silver and jewelry manufacturers and merchants
l  Relics units and museums
l  Other organizations and individuals in need of personalized escorting or custodian services  
Service Coverage:
l  Armed guard and escorting service
l  Safe deposit and custody service
l  Outsourcing service at the request by financial organizations for day-to-day maintenance and management of self-service business equipment and facilities for cash sorting, dividing and packing
l  Notes, data and information processing and management service
l  Warehousing service
l  Domestic service dispatch
Assurance Advantages:
l  Full-bulletproof, fully-enclosed and monitoring-efficient cash truck
l  Strictly-selected strictly-trained, well-equipped and well-armed supercargoes
l  Sophisticated communication and command and GPS
l  Wide-coverage escorting network
l  Safe deposit boxes designed and manufactured with the advanced domestic and overseas management concept and safe-keeping technology adopted; the equipment is made of Japanese SUS (304) stainless-steel materials with US (UL) lock system applied; and the storeroom has passed international anti-theft verification test and is fitted with various facilities and control systems including constant temperature and humidity device, TV monitor, infrared anti-theft alarm system, vibration system, and gas fire-extinguisher
l  Safe and comfortable ‘Organizing Room’ in the safe storeroom for the clients to organize their own objects in an enclosed and safe space
l  Safe deposit box lease services providing diverse safe-keeping means such as identification by key, identification by magnetic-card and identification by finger print
l  Coordinated processing for clients in need of reservation of specific time for deposit and retrieval and/or in need of escorting and custody service.