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Shanghai Security Service Corporation, founded in August 1985, ranks as one of the professional security companies earliest in establishment in China, largest in scale in the industry today, most diversified in scope of business, and most extensive in coverage of services.
Shanghai Security Service Corporation specializes mainly in financial escorting, safe storeroom, personal security, special guard, technological guard, security project, facility sale, security training, transportation facility, networked alarm and security consultation.
Shanghai Security Service Corporation is strong in its specialized human resources, well-equipped with a great number of experienced senior and intermediate-level professional security management elites; and resourceful in its comprehensive customized and individualized solutions in the line of security and guard.
For more than 20 years, the Corporation has been adhering to its correct focus of service, attaching the foremost importance to social effects; taking the maintenance of social security and protection of clients’ security as falling within the sphere of its functions and striving to offer high-quality and high-efficient services, cultivate a good corporate image and contribute to the gradual formation of a security service network that covers the entire city and expands to the whole domestic market so as to turn the simplex and plane security service into the current one-stop platform that integrates the six major service sectors.
Shanghai Security Service Corporation has made noticeable achievements in business advancement, business operation and business management as well as team construction, commended as a ‘Trustworthy and Contract-abiding Enterprise’ and awarded honors including ‘1st National Top-ten Best Security Service Company’, ‘3rd National Excellent Security Service Company’ and ‘National May-Day Model Labor Unit’ respectively. During the World Expo period, the Corporation acquired the qualification for a supplier of human resources security service as designated by Shanghai World Expo and a supplier of security and guard service as recommended by Shanghai World Expo, making it possible that the overall service capacities of the Corporation are integrated and the one-stop multiplied service mode tested and upgraded.